5 Best Video Hosting & Analytics Solutions For Business In 2018 Reviewed

5 Best Video Hosting & Analytics Solutions For Business In 2018 Reviewed

Once you have reached a point where you have the resources and knowledge required to create video content, the next step to ensure marketing success is picking the right video host.

There was a time when your only options for sharing video content with your audience were a TV or cinema broadcast. But the world wide web has changed how video content is hosted and shared.

However, you do need to know which video hosting service will be best for your needs. So you’ll be able to ensure that your videos get as many views and conversions from the audience you are targeting.

YouTube and Vimeo are often on top of mind when it comes to storing and distributing video content. And they’re free too. But using free video hosts is not ideal for serious business objectives. You need something more secure and ROI-oriented.

For example, one of my favorite options in Wistia and Vzaar is the ability to change the video file associated with a link. This ensures that you can update an old video, or fix a mistake without compromising on the discoverability of your video. Neither Youtube nor Vimeo allow you to do that as of now.

Hosts like Vimeo or Youtube may not be enough when you want full control over your branding, customization, advanced analytics and customer support.

Keeping that in mind, here’s a breakdown of the best video hosting platforms in the market with details you need to know to make an informed decision.


Brightcove is a video management solution to maximize engagement and conversion rates. It gives you a video library, SEO-optimized video portals, on-demand publishing, live video streaming, lead capture analytics and social media sharing.


  • Video library management, video analytics, third party integrations
  • Interactive ad capabilities, strategic ad placement
  • Deliver live video events, live Video Content on Mobile and OTT Devices
  • Video SEO page design for SaaS hosting, closed captions for online video, lead capture features and analytics
  • Over 100 templates styles, import videos and playlists


Brightcove doesn’t list pricing information on their website. Pricing is customized based on your needs.


Easy to use features. Also great for internal company communications as it has password protection for team members

One-click landing page feature makes it easy to embed on landing pages and monitor within playlists.

Great for hosting/managing on-demand video. API also allows for advanced integration capabilities.

Social features let you easily publish videos to Twitter, Youtube and other platforms. You don’t have to download/import video to export elsewhere.


Searching your videos could be made easier. It’s hard to find a video right now unless you remember the exact tags you marked it with.

Can be expensive for small and medium enterprises. Feature enhancements tend to cost extra.


Vidello is another cloud-based video hosting and management platform with instant streaming, advanced video analytics, A/B split testing, customizable branding and call to actions. You can also create demo or review videos for online store, landing pages and blogs.


  • Analytics and A/B testing
  • Customizable video player and branding, brand overlay, video skins & frames
  • Unlimited video uploads, management, looping and editing
  • Email marketing, CTA buttons, email opt ins
  • Password management and protection
  • Forms management, lead generation, social share gates


Pricing is subscription based and starts from $20.00/month. You can avail a free trial without entering your credit card information.


Clean interface that also lets you add interactive features like lower thirds and click-throughs.

Good flexibility and customization, including lower thirds, watermark, and logos.

They have the best price in the market given the features.


Lack of video preview may be an issue.

Sometimes the interface may be slow and return a ‘file not found’ error.


If you can afford the expense, Wistia has ton of useful options geared towards business growth. There are advanced privacy options, SEO features, player personalization, email lead capturing and integration with most popular email marketing software.


  • Works on Every Device, Video SEO, Customize Player Controls, Private Sharing, Social Sharing Buttons,
  • Email marketing, Turnstile Email Collector, Integrate With Email Marketing Platforms, Calls to Action
  • Audience Trends, Video Heatmaps, Engagement Graphs and Trends


Pricing starts from $99 a month, with the option of free trial without submitting your credit card information. With a free account, you get all the standard features, video analytics and ability to host up to 3 videos.

The premium plan gets you the ability to have your own branding on the video player and hosting for 10 videos, with an option to purchase hosting for each additional video at 25¢ per month.


When you upload to Wistia, your video is automatically encoded to Flash and HTML5 versions at several resolutions, which are then stored on a network of servers worldwide. This ensures that a viewer located anywhere is delivered the best quality video with the least buffering.

Wistia also gives you full control over how your video looks and feels, no matter where you embed it. Other features include video analytics, social sharing and call to action buttons.

The ease of use, SEO and tracking features are commendable, along with the API’s and SDK’s.


Video organization and SEO setup can be intimidating at first.

Wistia videos may not share well on social media channels.

May be expensive for small business owners, and free version is really limited in terms of videos you can upload.


Vzaar is another platform that has a good choice of features to achieve your business goals. The player layout can be customized to tiniest details. And through robust analytics, you can find useful behavioral information about your audience.


  • Bulk uploading, iPhone app upload, desktop uploader
  • Selection of video player colors, brand overlay, borderless player or poster frame
  • Podcasts and playlists, progressive or streaming download
  • Web, tablet, & mobile, content delivery network
  • Statistic reporting


Vzaar’s subscription based pricing starts at $30/month, with the option of free trial without sharing your credit card information.


The interface makes it easy to upload  and manage videos.

The hibernation option is convenient if you’re not going to watch but still need the video online.

Pricing is more affordable than competitor offerings, and they don’t charge per video upload.

Great customer support, which is knowledgeable and responds fast to issues.


Analytics reporting and player customization capabilities could be improved a bit more.

They charge you based on traffic bandwidth instead of number of videos uploaded. That may be confusing for some people.


Like Wistia, Vidyard also focuses on marketers, with the tools and data they need to maximize audience engagement, measure ROI, and move prospects through sales funnel.

You can add lead capture forms and calls-to-action, feed data into 3rd party marketing automation platform to target the best prospects, and access reports on people watching your content and how video is driving business results.


  • Video management, playlists, tagging content, Youtube integration
  • Video SEO, social sharing tools, call-to-action
  • Realtime Analytics, A/B Split Testing
  • Support for multiple player skins, compatibility on all devices, live streaming
  • Marketing Automation Integration – Salesforce.com, Marketo, Eloqua, Act-On


Vidards offers a free trial without taking your credit card information. Pricing is subscription based but not fixed. It is customized based on your business needs.


You can make changes to videos, add personal messages, fix errors and update without changing their links.

Detailed analytics reporting lets you see drop off rates and how people are engaging with your video content.

Easy integration with sales/marketing tools. For example, you can layer on marketing resources and share through a SalesLoft template or through gmail.


Can get expensive if you have many videos to upload. Free version is limited and doesn’t let you download videos to PC.

Has a bit of learning curve. It takes some time to get comfortable with knowing where all the functionalities are and how to use/enable them.

Picking The Best

Hopefully you found this review of major video hosting platforms helpful. There may be a lot of other options out there, but I have tried to cover the most well known.

Armed with this guidance and free trial option that most of these video hosts support, you’ll be able to get an idea of which is good for your business.

John Woo

John Woo is the CEO of Tubloo, a Korean software company with image and video-making apps used by 50,000+ customers. He is currently working on launching the easiest video maker ever. Click here to get notified and claim a 20% discount on launch.