How To Hire The Right Talent To Make Corporate Video In 2018

How To Hire The Right Talent To Make Corporate Video In 2018

From internal uses like announcements, financial reports and training to external applications like marketing and recruiting, corporate videos are proving to be really effective, and hence gaining more and more momentum over time.

59 percent of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text, while four times as many buyers would rather watch a product video then read about the product.

No matter what the business goal, a corporate video can have a really positive impact on ROI. It’s an asset with long-term value, providing an effective medium of communication when you need to get your message across fast to a large audience.

The right video can increase business revenue and reduce business costs, just as much as a wrong video can do the opposite. In fact, there have been many videos in the last few years that have single-handedly transformed the businesses that used them.

The above video, made with a budget of just $4000, drove millions in product sales. So the question that you should be asking is not – why make corporate video?

The real question is – how to make the right corporate video. And the first step in that is deciding what approach will you proceed with to get corporate videos made for your business.

When it comes to making corporate videos, there are a number of ways you can go about finding, hiring and working with the required talent, depending on your goals, budget and the resources already there at your disposal.

So in this post, I’ll give you an overview of all the options you have available, from DIY tools to large film production agencies, and how to proceed once you have picked one.

DIY Video Creation Tools

Estimated Cost: $0-$500 

The cheapest and slowest way to create a corporate video is rolling up your sleeves and learning to do it yourself. The first thing you’ll need to do is brainstorm some ideas and write a script for your video.

Then, depending on the type of video you are going to create, you’ll need equipment ranging from a good video camera and tripod to high quality mic and lightning.

Other than that you’ll also need to learn and buy a video editing software. This is because the photos and clips you capture with your camera will need to be edited, polished and merged into the final video.

How well the final video turns out will depend on your natural skill-set, creativity and the time you spend in learning and practicing the nuts and bolts of video production.

Freelance Marketplaces

Estimated Cost: $500-$5K

This option involves hiring one or two videographers, in case you don’t want to be doing everything by yourself and you don’t have a lot of budget.

There are online marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr, which you can use to hire a video editing professional to share some of your workload.

You are more likely to find someone more affordable and with fast turnaround time, but remember that you’re getting what you paid for. Your chances of finding someone who can deliver really high quality work are slim to none.

Most freelancers would rather have you tell them exactly what to do, rather than using their own thoughtfulness or creativity. And those who bring their own uniqueness to your message will be extremely hard to find.

Small Production Agency

Estimated Cost: $5K-$20K

A small video production company can have a team of anywhere from 3 to 15 people. Hiring such a company is a great option as compared to the ones we discussed above because more people bring diverse skillsets and creative ideas for your video.

You are also likely to experience better business processes and the people you’re working with will be more professional.

The downside of hiring a company instead of a freelancer is the extra overhead associated with running the company, which will get transferred to you in the form of higher pricing.

Large Production Company

Estimated Cost: $20K-$75K

A full fledged video production agency, packed with expertise in copywriting, cinematography, marketing and motion graphics, can really ensure that you get the best corporate video possible.

A team of 20+ people can also deliver a lot of videos really fast if you need them to. But the downside, of course, is that as we saw in case of small production company, expect larger overhead and costs.

Another disadvantage is the the larger a company is, the less nimble it becomes. So the process of making and delivering your corporate videos can be slow because of having to go through multiple approvals and bureaucracy.

How To Get Started

When you have decided on an option from all the ones we discussed above, based on your budget and goals, you’ll be ready to proceed further.

Whether you want to hire a solo freelancer or a full fledged agency, it’s important to search for and hire the right talent. If you are interested in hiring a freelancer, platforms like Fiverr and Upwork can help you find the right pick.

If you want to go with an experienced and professional agency, the most obvious way is to just head over to Google and search for keywords like “corporate video production,” “video marketing agency near me” and so on.

Try different keywords and you’ll have enough search results to make a list of companies you can get in touch with. Another way is to ask your friends or coworkers if they know of a company they can vouch for.

Next, it’s time to learn more about each company in your list. You can check out their websites, portfolio, clients and sample videos to assess the type of work they deliver. Then shortlist the agencies whose work you were impressed with, and get in touch with them about your project.

By this point, you’ll have enough potential candidates to interview and see if they are a good fit for your project. So when they get back to you, it’s time to schedule a chat.

Assessing The Right Fit

Now, before you hop on a call with each of the candidate companies, you need to be prepared with what exactly are you looking for in a video production company.

Think of some potential questions to ask, and how much each question matters to you. This will help you weed out companies that you should not be working with, and hire the right corporate video company.

Here are a few ideas on what you should be able to find out. So you can assess how they behave, communicate and conduct business. And frame your questions accordingly.

Are They Punctual? – From your very first interaction with them, you can get an idea on how timely they are. For example, when you called or emailed them, how quickly did they got back?

When did they promise to send you a proposal? And did they stick to that promise? Once you got the proposal, did they follow up to address any concerns?

Little things matter. If a company has been slow to act even when they don’t have your business yet, imagine how slow they are going to move things when you have already paid them.

Is There A Cultural Fit? – This is about the kind of vibe you got communicating with them. Notice how the initial conversations are going.

Are you getting along with them? And are their questions and policies focused on your needs and interests. Does it seem like your project will be a top priority for them?

Have They Produced Similar Videos Before? – If you have already seen some videos in their portfolio that you really liked, you can ask questions and learn more about those projects.

Also ask if they would be able to replicate the same results for your industry. They should be able to tell you the details and give you confidence that they can create such corporate videos again.

Do They Meet Your Budget & Speed Expectations? – The right video production agency should be able to understand your budget constraints and expectations with regard to final delivery.

So when you’re interacting with them, see if they are taking an interest in both these aspects and if they are likely to respect your requirements.

Do They Understand Your Marketing Message? – Last but not the least, you should pick only a company which understands your industry, business model and value proposition for the target audience.

Bonus points if they have experience with not just production, but also marketing and getting engagement on corporate videos.

By keeping these 5 aspects in mind as you discuss your project with potential video partners, you can make sure that you find the right talent, and the company you hire is clear on exactly what you want.

Hiring A Corporate Video Agency

If you have diligently carried out all the steps so far, several proposals would be on your way in a few days. A great proposal will show that the company has done their homework well and have a clear understanding of your needs and budget.

And comparing these proposals and keeping with mind the interactions you had with these companies is the only way you can judge if the pricing is right.

If you have found a really good fit, don’t hesitate to negotiate further and come to an arrangement that works for both the parties. Let them know that you may have a lot of future work for them, or other clients you can refer them to if you liked their work.

When it comes to creating corporate videos, it’s really hard to find the right talent. So if you have found someone like that, you shouldn’t let them go easily, even if it means raising a bit on your budget.

John Woo

John Woo is the CEO of Tubloo, a Korean software company with image and video-making apps used by 50,000+ customers. He is currently working on launching the easiest video maker ever. Click here to get notified and claim a 20% discount on launch.