12 Steps To Get More Traffic & Subscribers On Youtube In 2019

12 Steps To Get More Traffic & Subscribers On Youtube In 2019

In light of the popularity of video content, there are many businesses which get past the struggles of video-making.

They get to a point where they are consistently creating video after video for their Youtube channel. Thanks to quick and easy video creation tools.

It’s true that you need good quality content in order to see success on YouTube. But just being able to make videos and publish on Youtube doesn’t mean your work is over. Without proper optimization and promotion, your videos are likely to get ignored.

Just like you optimize your landing pages, blog posts, and other content in order to make sure that it performs and delivers a positive ROI, you must make your video content undergo the same process to increase views on Youtube.

Youtube video optimization takes work. Without knowing what to do, growing your YouTube channel and getting eyeballs on your content could be overwhelming and frustrating.

Luckily, there are actionable steps you can take to ensure each video you create is completely optimized for maximum exposure and business performance. So in this post, I’m going to explain how to increase Youtube views and subscribers.

Pick A Single Niche

In order to attract and build a really loyal audience interested in your products and services, it’s important to try and stick to one niche or theme that you want your channel to be known for. Your goal should be to make your channel the ultimate, go-to resource for that theme.

A channel with a narrow focus (like growing an ecommerce business) will gain more subscribers over a year than that with a broad theme. So your decision to pick a narrow or broad theme does make a difference.

Apart from making sure that you build a real, genuine audience interested in your products and services, this strategy tells YouTube that you’re an expert in the given space.

So when someone searches for keywords related to that topic, your videos are likely to rank higher than those posted by generic channels.

Begin With A Goal In Mind

Before the surfacing of video marketing platforms, the general consensus was that a video is only good for brand awareness and nothing more.

But it’s now common knowledge that carefully planned videos can be dispersed through the entire sales funnel. Videos can play a major role in converting prospects into leads and leads into customers.

The important thing is to make sure that each video meets the exact needs of your prospects based on where they are in the funnel. Before you begin producing videos, think about:

  • What emotions you want to trigger and why? (For example, feelings of excitement, greed, envy or fear)
  • Who is the target audience? It’s better to have detailed personas.
  • What do you want the viewers to do after watching each video?

All these factors are vital because they help you create a more actionable and focused videos to increase views on Youtube.

For example, if your video shows that others have already been using your product or service to solve a problem even better than how the prospect currently does it, then you trigger the fear of missing out.

This fear can then be used to direct your prospects towards a specific call to action, like signing up for a free trial or registering for your upcoming webinar.

There are many businesses which are doing this really well through storytelling. One of the best examples is this video commercial by Adobe called Click Baby Click.

video by adobe

It features a CEO getting massively excited over the sudden rise in traffic and online orders of his product.

But near the end we see a baby hitting Buy Now again and again on his iPad, which is hilarious because the business didn’t look into the cause of the sudden increase in sales.

Underlying all this, the viewers get a feeling of fear about what could happen to them if they don’t use Adobe’s analytics product. That’s when Adobe asks “Do you know what your marketing is doing?”

That’s the kind of impact you can have with focused video content.

Optimize Your Youtube Channel

The foundation of a strong Youtube strategy is a properly set up channel.

  • Ensure a descriptive channel title – This can be the name of your brand or products.
  • Emphasize your value proposition in channel description – Someone reading the description of your channel should be clear on what is it about.
  • List links to other social profiles – Make it easier for prospects to find your website, blog, contact information or social profiles to connect with.

Upload a professional looking cover image – The cover photo for your channel should be relevant to your niche, as well as visually appealing. Here’s a great example from Oberlo.

youtube channel cover

Again, you can hire a design professional, or use Canva or Crellow to design a cover image.

Step #3. Research Video Topics

Before you turn on the camera, you must figure out the topics on which your audience would like to watch videos.

About 30% of all the video views on Youtube are driven by user search. So if you want to be found in Youtube searches, you have to identify what your audience searches for a lot.

Then you make video content around those topics. You can use the following 3 methods to carry out your research.

Youtube search bar – Let’s understand this with an example. A type of video that does really well on the Youtube platform is the How-To video. People are searching for how to do something all the time.

So if I type something like “how to make” in the Youtube search bar, I can see the top suggestions based on what people are searching for the most, out of queries which start with “how to make”.

Now let’s say I am in the cake delivery business, or I sell an online course on baking. And one of the options I see when I type “how to make” is “how to make a cake”

youtube keyword research

So I know people are searching for this query a lot and it also makes sense for my business. So I’ll do further research based on that. I’ll also do a Youtube search with that term so I could assess the competition and potential to get more views.

youtube view counts

If there are a lot of results, this means the competition is really high. And if the top videos for the search term have a lot of views, that tells me it’s a popular search topic and could be a great idea for my next video.

Google keyword planner – The next step is going to Google Adwords keyword planner. You want to see how many people are searching for your keyword, and get related keyword ideas.

So in keyword ideas, I see that the average monthly searches are 60,000+, which is great. You want to select keywords with high search volume and low competition.

In the list below your keyword, you’ll see even more keywords and phrases that you can use to optimize your video for the right audience.

Social Media – Also pay attention to what questions people are asking you again and again on social media.

So if you’re often asked how to make a good cake without an oven, for example, may be you’ll want to address that with a video.

All in all, the idea is to create videos on topics that help your audience answer questions, solve problems and give insights related to your niche.

Step #4. Include Calls To Action

Think about how often this happens when you watch a product video: Towards the end, it either fades to a blank screen or shows next video suggestions which have nothing to do with your business.

Marketers have come a long way in realizing the significance of calls to action in landing pages, emails and blog posts, but when it comes to video content, CTAs are still not that prominent. No matter what, make sure that every video your create ends with a specific call to action.

call to action

The call to action can be to watch another video which takes the prospect deeper in the sales funnel, to register for a webinar or to reach a landing page.

When creating video for Youtube, be sure to give your audience a call to action at the end asking them to subscribe, like and comment.

When a video has a high amount of engagement, this signals to Youtube that you are uploading high quality content. So your videos rank higher in search results and you can increase views on Youtube.

Step #5. Keywords In Title & Description

Basics first. The title and description you write for your video should not be just based on guesswork.

As I already mentioned in a previous step, it’s essential to do keyword research to know exactly what people are typing in search boxes and how they are phrasing the problems or information needs solved by your video.

Once you find the keywords which have a high search volume but not too many satisfactory search results, use them in your title and descriptions.

It’s better to use a phrase that people are more likely to search, instead of something that sounds clever.

When people search for a video on Youtube & Google, only the first few words of the description show up in the search result pages. So when writing a description for your video, make sure that the main keywords and links are included near the beginning.

You can include a link to your blog, website, or social profiles so prospects can view the link even without clicking on “more info”.

Step #6. An Attention-Grabbing Thumbnail

No matter how specific you are with your keyword research, the competition is still a lot. There are thousands of videos competing for attention in search results when someone searches for a keyword or phrase that you want to rank for.

The best thing you can do to increase Youtube views is to make your video stand out by uploading a great thumbnail along with it. This is the image your audience will see when your video shows up in search results and before they click on the video to play it.

video search results

If your thumbnail is catchy and really gives a glimpse into how valuable your video content is, then the battle for views is won.

If you’re not much of a designer, you can hire a graphic designer, or use a tool like Canva or Crello with ready-made templates for designing a compelling Youtube thumbnail.

Step #7. Transcribe Your Videos

This is an important step that often ignored. So if you do this step properly, you can instantly gain an advantage over competing videos.

Google, Youtube and other search engines need as much information as possible about your video to properly understand, index and rank it. But without a written script, they will have a hard time figuring out the content of your video.

To avoid this problem, use a transcription service to convert your video into text, which you can then transcribe into your Youtube video page. To transcribe your Youtube video, just go to the video manager and click Edit next to your video.

Then go to Subtitles & CC tab. Then pick Add New Subtitles and CC, pick a language and you can do it easily.

youtube video subtitle

Once your video is published, also consider creating a dedicated blog post about your video which also has a written script. The blog post will be able to notify search engines about the entire context of your video.

Step #9. Cross-Promote Your Videos

First of all, as you are creating videos, make sure that you’re sharing them beyond YouTube. Use a content scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to automatically publish your videos to your social media channels at regular intervals.

Another things you need to take care of once you have a number of videos in your channel, is to cross promote them from within.

This means when someone is watching one of your videos, you can mention another video on a related topic so they can watch that too. Strategies like this go a long way to increase views on Youtube.

Step #10: Build Backlinks To Your Videos

Inbound links from other web pages to your videos are important for other people to find your video and for search engines to assess your video’s authority.

Whenever you publish a new video, make sure to share and embed it on as many places as you can. Even an embedded video serves as an inbound link because it links to the video published on Youtube.


So you should allow others to embed your video content on their site by turning on the embed option from your Youtube video page.

Step #11: Be Consistent

Consistency is a huge part of building a subscriber-base on any social media platform, but it’s even more important on Youtube.

To build your Youtube channel’s relevance and viewership, there must a daily or weekly schedule for creating and uploading videos. Your audience will want to know when they can visit again to find new video content.

Stick to your content calendar and keep adding new videos. This helps your audience get habitual to a routine and keep coming back to watch more videos. So you increase Youtube views and get even more engagement with time.

Step #12: Assess Performance & Refine Strategy

This is the final step in making the most of your video marketing. No optimization is complete without taking a careful look at the analytics.

If you’re involved in video marketing in a big way and creating a large number of videos, you must keep a close watch on your Youtube video analytics. This will help you get a sense of who’s watching your videos and how engaged they are.

When you’re able to interpret and get insights out of your prospects’ behavior, you can make accurate decisions about videos you’ll create next. By analyzing who watches your video content and for how long, you’ll know which topics and video styles are resonating with your audience.

The Shopify blog has a detailed guide on key metrics you should be tracking on your Youtube videos and how to interpret them. Consequently, you’ll be able to change your video strategy based on performance metrics like average attention span.

For example, let’s say the data is telling you that visitors are dropping off in less than 10 seconds of playing your video. So you can make decisions like cutting down on the intro and getting to the point sooner.


The next time you’re about to distribute your video content to the platforms actively used by your target audience, make sure you have followed the best practices discussed above.

By taking care of each and every step in the Youtube video optimization process, you’ll able to make the best use of your video content and maximize lead generation, sales growth, and brand value.

The result will be a huge difference in how your video content drives business. The more popular your overall channel becomes, the better engagement and results you’ll get from your videos.

It’ll take some time and effort to build a channel with a lot of subscribers and authority. But once you have done it, you’ll find your videos easier to rank higher.

John Woo

John Woo is the CEO of Tubloo, a Korean software company with image and video-making apps used by 50,000+ customers. He is currently working on launching the easiest video maker ever. Click here to get notified and claim a 20% discount on launch.